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            The spiritual home of the life and growth
            ——a pioneer of innovation of school

            ????This is a school of rationalism , filled with passion and vitality of the innovative
            ????In 1997, Chengdu Hi-Tech Experimental Primary School as a reform of the experimental school, along with the national high-tech industrial development zone came into being. Containing 40 classes, more than 1,700 students now.
            ????Schools adhering to the "idea of life and education" and "advocate science, the pursuit of harmony" core values, adhere to the educational philosophy students, teachers, schools and common development "; the exploration and implementation of the" big Kechuang education model, building up The basic courses + extensive curriculum + Inquiry courses + hidden curriculum "organic integration of the autonomy of curriculum; linkage schools in teacher development" in the new mechanism, highlighting the overall leap forward and personality competition put "teacher cluster resonance effect "; high-quality, educational characteristics: development of innovative spirit and practical ability Kechuang education, develop an international perspective and enhance the cultural quality of English education, art and physical education to promote brain development and boosting life personality; highlights the" infinitely close to the direction of the nature of education to lead the shaping of sustainable, high-quality, boosting the potential life unstoppable vitality spewing a pioneer school development scene. ("Teacher")
            School has access to basic education quality brands School National Red Flag Brigade "national science education demonstration base schools" National Art Education specialty school "national foreign language education model schools" the national language characteristics of education schools, "the ideological and moral construction advanced collective "classical education of Chinese culture advanced unit", Sichuan Province ethos model schools "Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Education Model School" in Sichuan Province of the Professional Skills demonstration schools "Green School in Sichuan Province," Chengdu compulsory education model schools " Chengdu new growth school "Chengdu Science and Technology Education Demonstration School" Green School, Chengdu, Chengdu, artistic characteristics of education schools "Chengdu Traditional Sports School" Teacher Development in Chengdu base school, Chengdu, according to the law school model schools "Chengdu Copyright demonstration school advanced grassroots party organizations" in "Chengdu, Sichuan Province People's Government Teaching Achievement Award" and the honorary title of reelection as the first comprehensive assessment of Chengdu Science and Technology Education for eight consecutive years won the "Chengdu primary school of the new Five Golden Flowers "in the world. Educational visits received more than 4000 people from across the country.
            ????Existing 9 senior secondary school teachers, 11 of the academic leaders of the city, district, provincial, municipal backbone teachers, the Department of High-tech Zone, part-time teaching and research staff person; national outstanding teachers (excellent counselor, teacher 18 people) eight people, provincial excellent teachers, outstanding municipal teachers, 17; national, provincial race class the first prize.
            ????The student has won the "China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Talent Award" Chinese Youth Academy Fellow National Haier Science and Technology Award "Innovation Competition of the National Labor Skill Invention Award" National Youth Science Creation Competition VEX project champion "science fiction painting project first prize "; National Art Competition Gold, Silver 700 number; Youth Science Creation Competition first prize of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province Elite Youth Invention Award, Sichuan Province, labor and technological innovation contest first prize, Sichuan Province Ten Sunshine Boys; municipal science and technology, art and physical game of winning more than 800 more than 5000 people; Symphonic Band and Choir Societies has won First Prize in Chengdu.
            ????CCTV, Sichuan TV, "China Education", "teachers", Sichuan Education "," Education Review "," Huaxi Cities Daily"," Chengdu Daily and other media on many occasions on the school's achievements and school characteristics depth reports.
            ????Life is beautiful because of the hope, it is a long-lasting belief, lead us to create and share a spiritual home for life growth! "